How to Spot Fake Designer Perfumes

Buying a branded perfume nowadays is extremely difficult keeping in mind the amount of fakes available in the market. Many sellers tend to sell fake perfumes in the price of branded ones to increase their profit. As a customer, there are certain things you can do if you need to buy an original branded perfume.

You must have a good knowledge of the product you are buying beforehand so that the seller may not be able to fool you. Many retailers water an original bottle of perfume to make two bottles out of it so you have to beware.


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    Do your research beforehand

    It is very important to do your research before you buy a designer perfume. The basic research includes the brand to which the perfume belongs, its current price, the quantity and the sizes in which the scent is available.

    Try to get reference from at least two or three sources so that you have a clear idea of what you are investing on. You must have good knowledge of what brand you need to buy so that the seller knows that he is dealing with a person who has ample information of what he wants.

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    Examine the packaging of the perfume

    Most fake perfumes have poor packaging as the box is already a used one or a fake one. No matter what the seller tries, he cannot provide the same feel as the one for a branded perfume. Also, examine the name of the brand on the box and look for any spelling errors. Check the name of the brand and the spelling to make sure you have the real thing.

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    Have a look at the colour and bottle

    If you have done good research on the perfume you are buying, you should know the colour and shape of the bottle. All branded perfumes have a signature look for the bottle so you will recognize it when you see it. Smell the bottle to recognize the scent if you have previously used the same perfume.

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    Examine the price of the perfume

    Do not buy brands with great discounts on them as they are normally the fake ones. Keep in mind that good brands would not offer huge discounts on their items to maintain a standard. If the price of the perfume you are buying is being offered at a ridiculous discount, there is a great chance that you are not buying the right thing.

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