How To Make a Perfume Spray

Most of us are very conscious about the fragrances we use every day. Every person has a different taste of choice and it might be a tiresome task to find a perfume of your choice from a humongous range of fragrances available in the market. Designer perfumes are so expensive that only a particular class of users can afford to have one. When it comes to buy cheaper perfumes, it is often complaint that such fragrances never last even one complete day. So, if you want a particular fragrance of your choice and also tend to avoid putting much burden on your pocket, why don’t you make perfume spray by yourself? The process isn’t difficult at all and you can make customized perfume spray according to your needs.


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    Selecting Notes

    For a perfume to be long-lasting and pleasant smelling, you have to take account of all the three ‘notes’ within it. First of all, chose the base scent (like vanilla, cinnamon or sandal wood) for your perfume. This will be the most dominating smell of your perfume which can be smelled hours after you have applied it to your clothes.

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    Next comes the choice of middle note, which improves the smell of your base scent and make it more pleasant. You have a number of choices to select as the middle note, including scents of lemongrass, geranium, nutmeg, neroli etc.

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    The ‘top note’ gives the immediate smell of a perfume when it comes out of the container and rose, lavender, jasmine, lime, bergamont and orchid scents can be used for it.

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    Mixing the Scents

    Add the base note to a container and then put in lesser amount of the middle note scent to it. The quantity of scent you are using for the top note should be even lesser than the middle note. You have to keep experimenting by adding different amounts of these three scents until you get the fragrance of your choice.

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    Add Alcohol

    Alcohol is a vital ingredient of perfumes and you will have to add it to your mixture as well. Get a quarter cup filled by vodka and add five to seven drops of your blended mixture to it. You have to leave the perfume mixture to settle for few days or even a month. The more time you give your perfume to settle, more long-lasting smell it will develop.

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    Adjust Strength of your Perfume

    When your perfume mixture is ready, add two tablespoons of water to it. You can add more water to achieve desired strength of your perfume.

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    Add some glycerine to your perfume and it will help it to stay longer on you. Blend your mixture thoroughly and pour it into a spray bottle for your use!

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