How To Make a Perfume without Alcohol

People have placed importance of wearing perfume even in ancient times, and have enjoyed the pleasant experience it brings. However, most people avoid perfumes with alcohol in them due to religious reasons, and all the High-end and brand-name perfumes these days contain alcohol, which other than religious reasons isn’t good for you. Alcohol in perfumes can affect your liver, it can dry out your skin, skin reactions and it can cause white spots to your skin when exposed to the sun. Usually, a perfume is made of three things. You make it by mixing a solvent, a fixative and a fragrant compound. The most commonly used solvent in perfume is alcohol and this article will help you make perfume without using alcohol.


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    First you need to decide whether you are going to make a solid perfume or a liquid perfume. To make a perfume without alcohol you need to make oil based perfume, and for that you can use either a coconut or jojoba oil. This ingredient is necessary if you have a dry skin, but if you have a normal skin you can always use food grade dipropolene glycol. On the other hand, if you are thinking of making a solid perfume use beeswax. Take a glass or ceramic pot, and start the process by adding three tablespoons of the solvent.

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    Now, comes the important part where you will have to add notes. There are three types of notes, essential, synthetic, and fragrance oils, and all good perfumes have to have all of them. The first note is the top or head note, it is the first thing you smell in a fragrance. For that you can use lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin. The top or head note evaporates quickly than the others. The middle or the heart note is there when the head note dissipates, and for this you can use rose, jasmine, palmarosa, lavender. Then you come down to the base notes, which is usually the core of the perfume. Sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin or vanilla helps the fragrance to linger on.

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    Add the oils use it and add them to your preference, but if there is any confusion, you can add 10 drops of the top and base note and 5 of the middle/heart note. Shake the perfume well, and if you are making solid perfume microwave it so it dissolves. For liquid perfume, pour it in a dark bottle and cap it, and for solid perfume, put it in metal or plastic tin. Keep it closed for 12 hours, and let it cool.

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