How to Store a Fragrance

Fragrance, like all other cosmetic items, has a shelf life. However, unlike other makeup items, once anything happens to a fragrance, there is no way to put it back together. As fragrances are very susceptible to degradation from a number of factors, causing the scent to weaken, change and smell musty most of the time. The storing procedure of fragrance has direct relationship with its shelf life.

Now if you have a favorite fragrance, store it properly with the help of various storing procedures to keep it smelling exactly as it should for a longer period of time.


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    Proper Placement

    For best possible results, always place the fragrance in its original packing or box once you use it. Make sure to store it in upright position.

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    No Light and Heat Exposure at all!

    Unknown to many of you, direct sunlight and heat are the two main killers of your precious fragrance’s molecules. Make sure to keep you fragrance away from direct sunlight and temperature extremes. However, it doesn’t mean putting the fragrance in to your refrigerator either. Normal room temperature is suitable but if you want the great conditions, try storing your fragrance in a cosmetic cooler.

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    Keep your Favorite Fragrance away from Humidity

    Humidity is another factor that can cause great damage to your favorite fragrance’s shelf life. Therefore, keep it away from the possible sources of humidity, especially bathroom cabinets and counters as they remain dampen due to hot baths and showers.

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    Place the Fragrance in the dark

    Keep your desired fragrance somewhere away from light - no light exposure is most excellent. You can place it in your cupboard, drawer, or wardrobe.

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    Use opaque bottles for storing

    If you are interested in displaying your favorite fragrance on your dressing table or any other display, simply transfer it into an opaque bottle or a frosted bottle. The glass of both types of bottles are specially designed and therefore, do not allow light to have an effect on the fragrance’s ingredients.

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    Don't leave your Fragrance’s top off

    Keeping the fragrance’s top off means allowing it scent to escape into the air. Always buy a fragrance with an airtight bottle and make sure to place its lid at the top once you use it.

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