How To Create a Signature Scent

Perfumes are created using three or four kinds of important oils: platform, centre and top. You don’t have to attend a costly perfume class or pay a lot of money to make your own fragrance. There are many creative and less costly methods to do it. All it takes is creativity and know-how.

You can determine to which group your fragrance is supposed to be with this simple test. Take several paper cells, label them and add two or three falls of specific fragrance oil on each. Let some time pass by, fragrance the cells and observe your findings. Repeat the “nose test” after one day and then two days time, observing your findings again. The fragrances that disappear first are part of the category of top note. Then further, platform notes keep their fragrance for a long time. Everything in between can be classified into centre notes. Do observe that the edge lines are not hard set.


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    Know what type of fragrances suit you. Fragrances respond in a different way with everyone, so it is extremely vital to determine the fragrances which are good for your system.

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    Firstly, look into important sebum. Essential sebum are one of the easiest and least costly methods to make your own signature fragrance. Visit online stores of important sebum, such as the Florapathics website, and learn which sebum combination works well and which don't.

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    Consider purchasing two different kinds of important sebum that combine well together. For those who like citrus based fragrances, they should consider mixing cucumber with grapefruit. You could also mix jasmine and vanilla if you are fond of floral fragrances.

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    Now it is the time to buy creams. If you don't like important sebum, buy two different kinds of lotions and layer them on your system. If you buy wider system creams, the fragrance will last all day. The same can be done with light system sprays. Mix and match your current fragrances. Build a whole new fragrance by putting on different blends of your current fragrance. Now consider applying only a bit at the same time. Remember, important sebum does not contain alcohol so they escape at a slower rate than traditional fragrances.

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