How To Make Chocolate Scented Perfume

If you wear a quality perfume, it adds up to your personality. Making perfume at home can serve a lot of purposes such as saving money, spending your leisure time more productively, giving your homemade perfume to relatives and friends as a gift and finally, if you are really into making perfume yourself, you may even think of starting a home or catalogue business, thus making money.

Making perfume yourself may sound quite a hectic thing to do but in reality it is not. You just need a few basic things to start with.

Things Required:

– Pure grain alcohol
– Chocolate fragrance oil
– Dropper
– Distilled water
– Glycerine
– Plastic container


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    Using a dropper, add 5 drops of chocolate fragrance oil to 1/4th cup of pure grain alcohol. Add one drop at a time, stirring the contents of the cup while adding the chocolate fragrance oil. You can purchase chocolate fragrance oil online, at health stores or at arts and crafts stores.

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    Now you need to give time to the alcohol-chocolate fragrance oil mixture so that it can accumulate scent. Place the mixture in a cool place, shaded from direct sunlight and let it sit for a period ranging from 48 hours to 1 month. The more sitting time you give to the mixture, stronger its scent will be.

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    When you think the mixture has attained just the right level of fragrance, you need to add 2 tablespoons of distilled water to the mixture. Slowly stir until the water gets mixed as well. In case the resulting mixture is too much fragrant for your liking, continue to add more distilled water until the mixture reaches a satisfactory level of fragrance.

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    Although the scent of the mixture is at you level of liking, still it will not last long once you use it. To make it last longer, add 1 tablespoon of glycerine to the mixture. Remember to gently stir. You can buy glycerine online, at a pharmacy or at a shop that sells soap-making supplies.

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    Your perfume is just about ready. Filter it through an unused coffee filter and pour it in an air tight container which can either be plastic or glass. Store the perfume container away from direct sunlight and keep it sealed when you are not using it.

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