How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Mostly people don’t realize that fragrance has the power to create inspirational first impression. Fragrance infest a room with your breathing, it speaks for us as no one other can do. Sometimes it makes you worried when you buy a fragrance and it doesn’t last for satisfactory duration.

How you can make your perfume to last for longer time period? It depends upon you, how you select perfume and how you apply and what methods you adopt for making it to last longer. Body spray, body mist or anything, these are light bottled scent and don’t tend to last for long time period. If you want to make your perfume last longer, then you must select best brand perfumes and those which are rich in sensual notes. For knowing more effective ways to make your perfume last longer.


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    Chose the one that will last
    Be choosy and chose a perfume that you think will last for long time period.

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    Apply Perfume

    For best result you need to apply perfume. It is recommended that use perfume on oily or moisturized body, as perfume will stick on oil and as a result fragrance of your perfume will last longer.

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    Avoid Overdo

    Sometimes we can’t feel the fragrance after applying perfume, but other can feel its fragrance. It is a fact as we grow older our senses becomes weaker, so avoid overdo with perfume.

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    If you feel it deficient then you can reapply perfume as many times as required on different time slots. But make sure not to use it excessively as it can damage your olfaction.

  • 5

    Best to use when?

    For long lasting fragrance, as pores of the body are opened after shower so count that as to be the best time to apply scent. You can apply perfume before putting your clothes on and before wearing accessories/jewelries.

  • 6

    Spray from distance

    From the distance of 10 to 12 inches, spray yourself. This helps the perfume to spread over your body.

  • 7

    Use Vaseline

    Put little Vaseline on the area of body where you plan to spray on. It is highly recommended to use perfume with Vaseline for gaining maximum result.

  • 8

    Improve your Skin

    Make your skin smooth and moisturized every day. As dry skin won’t help you to make your scent last longer, But can badly affect your skin by applying on rough skin (Can cause rashes and infection). So best solution is, perk up your skin condition to make scent hold.

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