How to Make Perfume & Fragrance Oils

Creating perfumes and fragrance oils at home is easy. In addition, this approach provides you with an ease to add unique fragrance or flavour to the spirit you want even without using alcohol if necessary.

There is little arguing to the statement that it always provides an opportunity to create something new. Also, this is a great opportunity to save money to buy a perfume from any given store. It is only necessary to know the basic principles that govern when combining essential oils on the ratio of the components.

Making perfume yourself is incredibly simple and interestingly you will have an exact idea about what, how and which ingredients have been used in the making of the desired fragrance. Perfumes made at home are comparably purchased more than the one at the shops.


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    First we need to define the main note of the spirits. To do this, simply select the scent that you like more than others. If the choice is problematic, you can, for example, refer to the any fragrance that is easy available to you: rose or jasmine. As well as in the colour scheme, there are concepts of "cold" and "warm" scents. But most importantly - to appeal to your own intuition, which certainly tell something suitable.

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    You then need to decide on the base. Jojoba oil is known for its stability. However, it is quite fatty, which is not always convenient because alcohol is also used as a carrier substance. Perfume with alcohol can be applied on hair and it reportedly did not do any damage to the hairs or skull.

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    Spirits are wax-based (with oil), oil-based (grape seed oil, peach, almond, jojoba), based on the alcohol. The first two types of oil can be used immediately after adding all the ingredients, alcohol-based requires infusion over 2-4 weeks.

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    So, picking up sweet musical chord, you have to fill them in pre-prepared bottles and dilute the resulting substance carrier basis. Mix should be given the same proportion: 10 milligrams of alcohol plus about 15 drops of oil and 10 milligrams of water. If using jojoba oil, 10 mg base and 20 drops of other oils. When the oil is diluted one another, be sure to thoroughly stir.

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    The last step - to the spirits left about a week or two. Then you can begin to use it with pleasure.

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