How to Make Your Own Perfume Fragrance

Instead of spending bucks on purchasing perfumes from the market, why don’t you make your own perfume fragrances at home? It is easy to make and will cost you much less than those you buy from beauty stores. You can make a fragrance of your own choice and taste. Tailor made perfumes suit the preferences of every individual and you can keep experimenting with making newer fragrances every now and then. Flowers, fruits and spices can be effectively used to make soothing perfume fragrances and it will not take much of your time either.


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    Take a clear glass jar and pour ½ cup of almond oil into it. Any other non-fragrant oil can also be used in this step, such as grapeseed and sunflower oil. It all depends on you which type of oil you want to begin with. Fragrant oil will add up to the ultimate smell of your perfume, if you desire, and a non-fragrant one merely serves as a solvent, without affecting the smell of the perfume.

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    You have to choose flowers, fruits or spices you desire to add to your perfume. It entirely depends upon your taste and preference. Chopped flower petals should be used for this purpose. If you want to add some natural herbs to your fragrance, they should also be chopped while still fresh. Rosemary, lavender, comfrey and thyme are some of the common herbs used in making perfumes.

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    Lemon and orange are the citrus fruits which should add to your perfume, while cinnamon and vanilla beans are the popular spices which make you perfume even soother. All the ingredients should be cut down in small pieces before using.

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    Put the chopped herbs, fruits and flowers in the glass jar containing almond oil and shake it thoroughly after securely tightening the lid.

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    Put the closed glass jar in a warm and dark place. Keep the jar there for one week and remember to shake it for one minute every day. Let the jar remain in the warm, dark place for another two weeks, allowing the fragrance of the ingredients to mix up thoroughly.

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    Take any piece of clean, fine-mesh cotton cloth and strain the ingredients through it. Pour the contents of the glass container over the strainer and squeeze them to completely extract all the perfume through the solid contents. Save the strained perfume in a spray bottle and use it whenever you want.

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