How to Make a Portable Potty

If you are going on vacations or to a beach, you may consider taking your own portable potty with you. In the meantime, you will never want to spend too much to create one. The process of making a portable potty is really easy and you do not need to spend more than just $20.

You can use some cheap items, such as a 5 gallon plastic bucket, a cheap toilet seat and hardware and a shovel. The idea of using these items is to make a lightweight portable potty, which can also fit in your vehicle easily.


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    Take a 5 gallon plastic bucket and cuts its bottom using jigsaw. Here, you should to cut it as straight as possible, making it level from all sides.

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    Visit a nearby hardware store and purchase a cheap plastic toilet seat. Do not forget to ask the storekeeper for the hardware that comes with the cheap plastic toilet seat. You can also purchase a padded toilet seat, depending on your preference. Now you should make sure that the seat is aligned to the bucket. Attach the hardware to the bucket using screws.

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    At your camping site, you can either dig a hole in the ground to place the bucket on top of it. Here, you should try to dig at least 1 ½ feet, and the circumference of the hole should not be bigger than that of bucket’s. In the meantime, you can also place a plastic bag in the bucket and use it instead digging a hole.

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    You can also take a 5 gallon plastic bucket with a lid on the top, and place a garbage bag in it. You may not feel comfortable while using this portable potty. However, many people prefer this method, as this is easier to clean.

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    Once you are done with setting the bucket over the hole, place the seat at the top and you are ready to use it. Once you are done with your business, you can remove the seat and bucket and fill up the hole with sand or mud, which you took out from the same place.

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    If you use plastic bags in the bucket, then you can take them out and tie from the top. You can then dispose them off at nearby trash receptacle.

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