How to make a reservation at a Beauty Spa for Treatments in London

In the workaholic atmosphere of London, beauty spa or salons are some of the best places to relax and unwind after a week of hard work. London has a great selection of beauty spas where you can relax by yourself or with friends in a group. London Beauty spas offer numerous options to help remove the tension in your body by giving massages, aromatherapy, Suana, Spring baths and other treatments. However, you may have to make a reservation at a beauty salon. If you want a facial, manicure, skin treatment, pedicure or other services here is a step by step guide to make a reservation in London.


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    Search a Spa

    There is a wide range of variety available in London from which you can select a spa. However, if you are conscious about your beauty and sensitive about your skin, you should look for some of the best names in the London. Here are some of the online web portals from where you can check the list of beauty spas in London.

    1) All in London

    2) Time out London

    3) Spas in London

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    Contact via Telephone

    It is very easy to make an appointment with a spa or beauty salon. You just need to make a call to your selected spa and tell them the type of treatment you want. You will be provided the time and day. Some beauty spas now note down your contact to alert you on the nearest date or time.

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    Contact via Website

    Nowadays running a website is a common practice. Almost each spa has a website. To make an appointment, you just need to open the website and find the contact us tab. Under the contact button you will find a form to make an appointment. Fill this form which usually asks for your name, address, contact number, type of treatment you want and valid e-mail address. Remember to provide active e-mail address, because many spas send you e-mail once you get an appointment. However, you may also be reached by phone. After filling this form, a spa treatment coordinator will then respond with a confirmation of your appointment. If you do not get a confirmation from the spa, you need to make a call to get an update about the appointment.

    (a) Elemis Day-Spa Mayfair

    (b) Soho House

    (c) St James Beauty Salon

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