How to Make a Seismograph for a Science Project

This article will tell you a simple procedure, to help you make Seismograph for a Science Project at your home without much toil.

Things Required:

– Relatively large book, such as an earth science text book
– A piece of strong string about 2 m long
– Sharpened pencil
– Tape (masking tape if possible)
– Several sheets of paper
– Clipboard, optional
– Large rubber band, optional
– Small table or desk that can be moved
– A helper


  • 1

    Take a plain paper and put it on a clipboard. Now tape the clipboard to the top of your desk or table depending on what you are using. Even if you do not have a clipboard, you can tape the paper directly to the table or the desk. Now take a pencil and tape it to the cover of the book in such a way that the tip of the pencil extends even beyond the side which is opposing the binding.

  • 2

    After that, you need to run a loop of string through the middle of the pages. While doing so, do not forget to tie the ends together. Now, you can easily hold the string and suspend the book in such a way that it is hanging over the paper and on the table. You can even shut the book using a tape and even using a rubber band, you can secure it from flopping again.

  • 3

    Position the paper in a way that the pencil touches the edge of the paper. After that be very steady in your motion, pull the book and the pencil down the paper in a way that it draws a line. This line will be your control line. If you wish to make things even better, draw several control lines until you are comfortable with the motion which is required to draw a steady and not to mention continuous line.

  • 4

    Now, when all the above mention steps are done, it means that you are ready for a simulated earthquake. Draw a line from the top of the paper to its bottom as you did a while ago, but this time, you need a helper to help you out.

    Now tell your helper to move the table anti parallel in the very direction in which you made the pencil move.

  • 5

    When all that is done, repeat this step but use both stronger and weaker shaking motions this time around. Compare the results. Again repeat this process but this time, shakes the table in the direction that the pencil is travelling.

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