How to Make a Shrimp Tree

Whether you are planning a great event, a Christmas party, or a formal/casual get-together; seafood can be a main part of your menu. You can serve up an assorted variety of appetizers when you use seafood and a shrimp tree is a well-liked and beautiful starter which can also serve as a centrepiece.

You can find many recipes for its preparation, but this one is quick, easy, and delicious. You will like these simple directions that result in an appetizing dish. Finely cooked shrimp and other colourful snacks are nicely displayed on a Christmas tree created with fresh beet greens, wrapped around a cone shape. You have the option to make changes in the overall size of the Styrofoam cone and type or amount of veggies in order to personalize it according to your Christmas party or get-together needs. Shrimp tree is traditionally served with some crackers, dipping sauces, like guacamole, cocktail sauce, or remoulded sauce etc.

Try this recipe and display your shrimp tree on a colourful Christmas plate to watch your guests/family enjoy each bite!

Prep time: 45 mins
Total time: 45 mins
Yield: 1 shrimp tree
Utensils: Styrofoam cone (9 inch tall), aluminium foil, toothpicks, pair of scissors, serving plate

Beet greens: 1 bunch
Process American cheese: 1 slice
Cooked medium shrimp (with tails intact): 1 pound
Baby corn (drained): 1 can (about 14.25 ounce)
Whole black olives (drained): 1 can (about 6 ounce)
Pimiento-stuffed green olives (drained): 1 jar (about 5 ounce)
Jalapeno pepper slices: 1 can (about 4 ounce)


  • 1

    Starting at the base of the 9-inch tall Styrofoam cone and working up, cover the foam cone with aluminium foil.

  • 2

    Now use toothpicks to attach beet greens, with their undersides facing outward, to the foam cone.

  • 3

    Cut off the uncovered pieces of toothpick using a sharp pair of scissors.

  • 4

    Place the slice of American cheese on a dry serving plate and then set the cone into the cheese in order to secure it.

  • 5

    Now use some frilly toothpicks to put together the cooked shrimp, baby corn, whole black olives, pimiento-stuffed green olives and jalapeƱo pepper slices to the cone.

  • 6

    Your Shrimp Tree is ready; scatter any leftover vegetables around its base and served with crackers or your favourite sauce.

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