How to Prune Pachysandra

Pachysandra is a slow growth plant. It hardly covers a carpet like ground in three years, and therefore does not need very frequent pruning. You may need to prune it in five or six years. Pruning helps its growth. Pruning the plant, which in fact does not grow to be like a plant, needs special care. Make sure that the pruning process does not take the plant out of the ground at its root. It is possible because the plant always grows at a moist soil.


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    Fertilizing Plant

    You can plan the pruning process in advance, and encourage its growth just before it. You cannot prune the plant if it is not of the desired size. To do this, you should add some fertilizer before autumn to help the plant grow a little bit faster.

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    Plant Trimming

    Use clippers or shears to trim the plant to an inch above the ground. Trim all leaves and stems that have grown along the ground or straight up the ground. Do not disturb the plants root areas. Start from the leaves areas and then gradually work your way through to the bed area. Make sure that the plant is left about an inch above the ground because it will help it grow evenly in future.

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    Clearing Plant

    In addition to doing the trimming of the plant, also clean it for any debris or garbage. If the plant is near any big tree, it is possible in the autumn that leaves of the plant are stuck in the bed area of Pachysandra.

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    Post-Pruning Care

    After you prune Pachysandra plant and rake the ground, add some fertilizer to the raked ground. This will encourage growth of the plant, which can pick up its pace after pruning and cleaning process. This is enough for the next five to six years. Pruning is the only major part of taking care of Pachysandra plant.

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