How to Make a Center Piece from the Garden

Your garden has a whole supply of materials just waiting to be used for making center pieces and holiday decorations. You can think of making different versions, and even talk to your friends and family members to provide you with some innovative ideas.

Just stand in your garden and look for things that you feel will be of any use when it comes to making the center peice. If you are still unsure about what to make, then you have reached the right place, as this article will provide you with different center piece making ideas.


  • 1

    Creating birch bark holder for candles

    Things Required:

    - Birch bark
    - Foil
    - Ribbon
    - Candle

    Consider making a birch bark holder for candles. For that purpose, you will have to drill out the interior, followed by lining it with the foil. You can then take the vertical pieces and wrap them using a ribbon to make a festive center piece. Other trees with textured or coloured bark will work well, too.

  • 2

    Creating candle with basket

    Things Required:

    - Woven basket
    - Pine cones
    - Candles

    You can also consider popping a decorative candle in a woven basket surrounded by outdoor pine cones. Not only this, you can also add more beauty to it by adding glitter, a bow, or fake snow.

  • 3

    Creating hanging decoration

    Things Required:

    - Images
    - Ribbons
    - Dried flowers

    Visit a nearby craft store, look for interesting little images and choose the ones that you like. In this case it is a little bird. Attach it to the top of an outdoor pine cone and hang it from a door. Different ribbons, pieces of veil, dried flowers or seed pods from your garden can be used to enhance this hanging decoration.

  • 4

    Creating bouquet

    Things Required:

    - Dried flower
    - Ribbon
    - Buffet
    - Gold or silver paint
    - Seed pods

    Snip off the dried flower heads from ornamental grasses and make a little bouquet tied with a festive ribbon. You canadd dried flower heads, seed pods on stems or sticks to the center piece. Paint them with gold or silver paint for a metallic sheen.

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