How to Make a Solar Oven From a Pizza Box

Solar ovens are very simple devices made to cook food from sunlight. They can be effectively used to save burning any fuel and cause zero pollution effect on the environment. Such cheap solar ovens can be readily used anywhere, especially during camping and travelling, to cook food. You would have never thought to make your own solar oven at home. Yes, you can make it yourself and by using a pizza delivery box! Seems quite unreal but it really is true.

Things Required:

– Empty pizza box
– A cutter
– Aluminium foil
– Plastic wrap
– Electrical tape


  • 1

    You can use a pizza box of any size available. First thing you need to do is to make a hatch out of the pizza box. Draw a square on the top of the box, leaving a 1 ½ inch wide border on all sides like a picture frame, using a marker.

  • 2

    Take a cutter or a kitchen knife to cut the three sides of the square you drew but leave the fourth side. Fold the cut-out portion upwards and this will form a perfect hatch of the pizza box.

  • 3

    Take aluminium foils and line them up on the flap you cut out from the box. Make sure the foil must face the interior of your solar oven when it is closed. Use electrical tape to affix the aluminium foil to the box flap. Electrical tape has the tendency to bear heat and that is why it is strongly suggested to be used in your solar oven.

  • 4

    You will need a piece of thick plastic wrap to line the inner side of the flap. Use the electrical tape to cover the inner surface of your solar oven’s flap with the plastic wrap, assuring that no space is left for the heat to escape through it.

  • 5

    Affix the plastic wrap on the outer side of the flap using the electrical tape. Again, seal the sides carefully preventing any escape points for heat.

  • 6

    Black colour readily absorbs heat and you should line the bottom of your solar oven with black construction paper.

  • 7

    Now you need to test your solar oven actually works or not. Place the food you desire to cook inside the oven and close the box. Place the pizza box in direct sunlight and open up the flap. Use a stick or a dowel to prop it and adjust the flap to an angle where it reflects the sunlight onto your uncooked food. Intense sunlight heat will cook your food easily. Hotdogs are the most cooked food items in such solar ovens!

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