How to Make a Stamp Sweat Box

Stamp collection is known as one of the oldest hobbies. Not only do you build a collection,  you also learn a lot from the stamps of different states and countries. Are you a stamp collector and have an eye for the interesting envelopes that arrive at doorstep? For avid collectors, removing the stamp from the envelope without damaging it is a big feat because they want to preserve it in the best shape. However, the glue used to stick the stamp to the envelope gives you tough resistance and there is always a great chance of tear. However, a very simple technique will save you from all the stress and effort and will take off the stamps as good as new. A stamp sweat box uses humidity to weaken the adhesion due to the glue and release the stamp. Making your sweat box is really easy and you need few stuff lying around the house.

Things Required:

– Plastic microwaveable box
– 2 Sponges
– Metal gauze as divider


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    You need to make an environment of humidity around the envelope to release the glue. However, you also have to take care that there is no direct contact of the envelope with the moisture, else it will be ruined. A plastic box will keep out the air and will be able to create the environment you need. The box that you choose should have a tight fitting lid. Place the box in a location where it would not be disturbed for a day.

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    Soak up the sponges in clean water. Now place them at the bottom of the box. Over the sponge place the metal gauze. The gauze acts as the divider between the stamps and the sponge so that the water does not damage them. Place the stamp/envelope over the gauze. Place the lid over the box tightly.

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    Check on the sweat box regularly. Make sure that humidity is building up. If it does not, you might have to re-wet the sponges to increase it. The stamps should come loose after a time of 24 hours. Give them some more time if they have not. You will have new additions to your collection soon.

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