How to Make a Summer Herb Garden

With summer comes a whole host of vibrant, flavourful green herbs that lend a fragrant tone to the air, and give a great fresh kick to food and salads. Instead of trekking to the grocery store every time you need fresh herbs, which are likely to wilt with the heat by the time you make it home, consider making your own fresh summer herb garden. Plucking fresh herbs as you cook has a charm of its own, and is bound to make your summer dishes taste and look incredible – just make sure you plant herbs that are at their peak during the summer season.

Things Required:

– Soil
– Garden space
– Water
– Seeds or herb plants


  • 1

    Basil is a quintessential summer herb that works great in everything from salads, to pastas and meats, and even in desserts. Traditionally the base for a killer pesto, fresh basil is a must for any summer herb garden. This herb needs to be planted in an area where there is plenty of direct sunlight, and good drainage. You will also need to water it often, in order to help your basil plants thrive.

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    With summer comes a host of barbecues, and the prime herb at these meat fests is rosemary. Instead of buying sprigs from the green grocer, or using dried rosemary out of a bottle, try growing your own in a summer herb garden, so you can pluck fresh rosemary as and when you need it – this is bound to prove a hit at any barbecue you host. Much like basil, rosemary also needs lots of sun and water, and should be planted in an area that has good drainage.

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    Chives are an excellent herb for lending a subtle peppery taste to food, and for garnishing. An essential part of salads, cream sauces, and baked potatoes, chives will last all summer, and the plants will produce fresh herbs next season too. These do not take up much room, and can even be planted in pots – just make sure you plant them in rich soil, and ensure that they get plenty of sunlight.

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    Summer is all about light, flavourful foods, which makes tarragon a must-have herb in any summer herb garden. Ideal for use in dishes that involve fish, chicken, vinegar, and in salads, tarragon lends a great taste to food, along with plenty of visual appeal. Like basil and rosemary, tarragon needs to be planted in a well-drained area that gets lots of sun. It will also need lots of frequent watering, particularly when the weather is hot and dry.

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