How to Make a Three Wise Men Cocktail

When it comes to some remarkable cocktails with quite unusual names, the Three Wise Men Cocktail would certainly be amongst them. Being a combination of three whiskies, Three Wise Men Cocktail includes Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam and Jack Daniel with all three hard liquors blended together in a strong shot. The other variations of the same cocktail include Jose Cuervo, Wild Turkey etc. All the three whiskies in the cocktail are present in equal amount, which is one reason why it is known as Three Wise Men Cocktail. It is a perfect cocktail to enjoy while in a group of friends whether outside, when attending a party or when at home. Like many other cocktails, preparing this one is also not too difficult. Just make sure you have all the things required to make this cocktail. The steps given below will guide you on preparing this cocktail at home.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Serving Size: 01
Utensils: A large Chilled Cocktail or Shot Glass, Cocktail Shaker and Stirrer

Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky (½ oz)
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey (½ oz)
Jim Beam bourbon (½ oz)
Ice Cubes


  • 1

    Chilled Shot Glass

    Put a regular cocktail or shot glass in the freezer at least a couple of hours before making the cocktail so that it is perfectly chilled by the time the cocktail is served.

  • 2

    The ingredients together

    Arrange all the ingredients you need for the cocktail in one place as they are required to be mixed without any unnecessary delay.

  • 3

    The ice cubes and Cocktail Shaker

    Put some good amount of ice in a cocktail shaker. It is advised to crack the ice cubes in order to obtain better results.

  • 4

    Mixing the ingredients

    After that, start pouring the mentioned amount of each liquor in the cocktail shaker. You will be required to shake it well otherwise you can also use a stirrer to thoroughly blend the three liquors.

  • 5

    Cocktail ready for serving

    Once you are sure that all the ingredients are perfectly mixed together, pour them into the chilled cocktail or shot glass that you had earlier put in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

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