How to Make a Wrestling Mat

Wrestling is a sport for tough men and many kids are inspired from professional wrestlers. Instead of letting your kids practice the wrestling moves at home or school and getting seriously injured, you can make a wrestling ring at home. In fact, making a wrestling mat can serve a good purpose for your kids to practice wrestling moves safely. Wrestling mats are also used in gyms or recreational centres to prevent injuries to the practicing athletes. The smallest wrestling mat must be at least 12 feet square in size and you can enlarge it to your requirement.


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    You will need a large piece of form for making the wrestling mat. You can either use s PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam or trocellen foam for this purpose. Cut the foam into your required dimensions, like 12 by 12 feet square, using scissors or any other appropriate cutting tool.

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    The thickness of the foam should be at least 1 inch for making the wrestling mat. If you don’t find a foam this much thick, you can take thinner layers of foam and glue them together to make 1-inch thick foam.

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    Take sheets of 24 oz. vinyl into pieces to cover up the entire surface of foam. All pieces of vinyl should be of the similar size of the pieces of foam. You will need two sheets of vinyl to cover each piece of foam from both top and bottom sides.

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    You also have to make the wrestling circle on the mat and it can be done by using a tape to attach it on the top surface. The circumference of the circle should be about 10 feet and use 1 inch wide tape to stick it to the mat.

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    Next, tape down 3-foot long and 10-inch wide opening lines parallel to one of the edge of the wrestling mat.

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    Now apply glue to the vinyl sheet for attaching them to the bottom side of the foam. These vinyl pieces are the plain ones, without any circles taped to them. You also have to use an adhesive which permanently affix vinyl to the pieces of foam. Attach the top pieces of vinyl with glue to the upper surface of your mat.

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    You should have a stock of adhesive tape with you and it shall be used to mat the pieces together when you have to use it. The adhesive tape will not allow the pieces to slide apart and you can easily remove it after use.

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