How to Make a Zombie Escape Plan

For a lot of people, a zombie outbreak has become a serious reality which they may face in a couple of years due to various scientific experiments or even nuclear warfare resulting in the dead being resurrected, but without a soul or mind to think.

Zombies move in herds and are attracted towards noise, which is why having a top grade zombie escape plan in essential to surviving and succeeding is not being bitten by the living dead. Those who panic and are not able to leave when the time actually comes are vulnerable to being eaten alive, especially in those densely populated areas.


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    Know the Exits of Your House

    When you know that it is time to escape and you are at home, there is a necessity to knowing all possible escapes from your house. Most have at least two escape routes, while some may have even more. Depending on how many you have, utilizing them to their full potential is a good idea towards securing the safety of yourself and your loved ones in case a zombie outbreak does occur.

    Do not stay in your house if there are many entry points and windows which are vulnerable to be broken easily by a heard of biters.

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    Keep Updates with a Radio

    In case of a zombie outbreak, it is compulsory to have some sort of communication method with the outside world and the radio is one of the best options since phones and computers will no longer be able to communicate like we usually do. The government, if it has managed to survive and arrange safety for those who are not infected, will be able to easily pick up the necessary information required to get to safety and be away from the infection.

    There is a special emergency channel in every country for government warnings, so know which one is in your country beforehand.

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    Escape Routes

    Once out of the house, you should know which ways will lead you out of the infected area, fast and efficiently. Using highways may not always be suitable, especially in the city due to dense crowds of people already trying to escape. Knowing all the back roads and areas which may lead out of the city as an alternative to the main roads would be a good idea. Make sure to stock up on food and water along with keeping your family calm in every situation.

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