How To Make an Exfoliating Pineapple Facial Scrub

Like many other household items – including honey, sugar, lemon juice, oatmeal – pineapple is also very good for your skin. Pineapple contains a substance called enzyme which is a natural exfoliant. This enzyme is perfect for people with dull, dry and flaky skin. Pineapple when mixed with honey, it works wonders for the skin and gives your skin a more revitalized look. This scrub will also give you a sweet smelling sensation.

There are several other ways as well to make a homemade exfoliating facial scrub. The other fresh edible ingredients that can be used for making an effective scrub include coconut flakes and almonds. These scrubs remove the layer of dead skin from the surface, revealing the fresh and youthful skin underneath.

Things Required:

– 1 Pineapple (cut into pieces)
– 1 tablespoon pineapple juice
– 1 tablespoon old-fashioned oatmeal
– 1 tablespoon honey
– Mixing bowl
– Measuring spoons


  • 1

    Crush the pineapple and squeeze the juice into a bowl. Through the crushed pineapple pieces as well into the bowl.

  • 2

    Add one tablespoon of old-fashioned oatmeal to it and mix well.

  • 3

    Also add one tablespoon of honey to the above concoction and mix it thoroughly.

  • 4

    Apply this scrub to wet face and neck. Gently massage it into your face using circular motions.

  • 5

    Let it remain on your face for about five minutes.

  • 6

    Take a face cloth and moisten it with warm water. Use this cloth to gently remove the scrub.

  • 7

    Once done with removing the scrub, pat your face dry with a clean soft towel.

  • 8

    Apply your favourite moisturizer to help seal the nutrients.

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