Make Bread Crumbs for Baked Chicken

Chicken is one of the most favourite food products in the world. It is eaten in large quantities the world over and there are many varieties of foods that can be prepared with it. The natural tenderness of the chicken meat makes it a good candidate for steaming, cooking, baking and frying.

When it comes to frying and baking, bread crumbs are a part of the recipe, more often than not. These are available in the market in most grocery stores. However, bread is an item that is used in all homes and you can make your own bread crumbs if you like. The process is pretty basic and the job can be done with in a matter of minutes. It will also add to your confidence as a cook.

Things Required:

– Slices of Bread
– Oven
– Grinder


  • 1

    Dehydrate Your Bread

    Take a few slices of bread, place them on the oven tray with a low to medium heat. Change their sides after a few minutes to ensure that they are equally dehydrated on both sides. There is no fixed time as to how long they will take since each bread has a different moisture level. It should not take more than a few minutes in total though.

  • 2

    Let it Cool Down

    Once you take it out of the oven, let it cool down for sometime before you continue with the process further. If you move to the next process right away, the results are not going to be as good when it comes to crispiness.

  • 3

    Blend Them

    Once your breads slices have cooled down, the next step is to place them in a grinder. You can also use a food processor if you posses one, but the grinder will do the job just fine. You can either ground them into a near powder state or leave them a little bigger as per you personal preference as well as according to the requirement of the given dish.

    In case of you do not have grinder, you can always put them in a bread bag and roll them with a rolling pin in a gentle manner. The results should be great this way.

  • 4

    Blend with Herbs

    Add some herbs of your liking to enhance the flavour and add a bit of twist to your baked chicken.

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