How to Make Carnival Glass

Carnival glass is a really beautiful and colourful form of moulded glass. It gives shades of rainbow when seen in light. It looks really nice, and can be used in various ways such as a decorating object in a room, flower vase, crockery, or giveaway. You can say that an ordinary glass gets pressed in the shape of mould when it is molten hot. After turning in to a perfect shape, the carnival glass is given a shiny appearance by applying finish which is also known as ‘satin finish’ or ‘radium finish’. According to historians, the first carnival glass was called iridill, and it was made in West Virginia by the Fenton Art Glass Company.


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    As mentioned above, carnival glass is used for different purposes and are made in various shapes. In the form of plates, bowls, vase, candy dishes, jars or holders. People use them as ash trays, for serving food on the table, for decorating flowers in them, as a decoration piece in their rooms. Wherever you put carnival glass, it increases the worth of that place.

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    There is an amazing variation of carnival glass colours, they are made in more than 2,000 colours and shades. Combinations of colours are also used in it, for giving them a different look such as amberina, slag and opalescent. ‘Marigold’ is the most common colour used for this purpose which is dark orange from base and turns into copper with oily highlights. Other colours such as blue, green, amethyst, white, aqua, peach, reddish purple and amber also get frequent attraction of people in market.

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    Patterns are used to make them look different and enhancing their beauty. You can use any pattern you like to have your carnival glass look like. You have to be creative when making pattern moulds for the glass, as there is a lot of competition in the market so a company has to be very careful in throwing various patterns out for their consumers. Cultural and Classical patterns can be used in making carnival glass. Peacock tail embellished with jewels, swirled flute, fine rib, cable and grape, and morning glory are some most popular patterns of carnival glass.

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