How to Make Flashcards on the Computer

Flashcards are of great assistance when preparing for exams. Memorising important information from flashcards is one of the most popular techniques, but most people fret about how to make them.

Fortunately, creating flash cards is very easy because there are a number of websites which will allow you create, download and thus print flashcards for free. The time you will need to create a flashcard would depend on the way you choose to format the card and the amount of information to be displayed on the card.

Things Required:

– A computer with internet access
– Images and data for flash card creation
– Word processor
– Flashcard-creator programme
– Printer


  • 1

    Creating Flashcards Online

    - Decide which website you are going to use for making flashcards. A Google search comes in really handy for this purpose. Scholastic's Flash Card Maker, FlashcardExchange and Flashcard Machine are some of the websites you might want to consider.

    - Go the official webpage of your chosen website and register for an account. You would be required to provide some basic information such as your name, email address etc.

    - Create the flashcards using the website account and download the flashcards for printing.

  • 2

    Creating Flashcards Using Flashcard-Creator Programme

    - There are a number of free flashcard-creator programmes available on the internet; Cue Creator or IQ Flash Cards being two of the more commonly used programme. Download your desired programme for creating flashcards and install it on your computer.

    - Launch the installed programme and design the flashcards as you desire.

    - Print the flash cards to complete the task.

  • 3

    Creating Flashcards Using a Word Processor

    - One of the possible ways to create flashcards is to use a word processor such as Microsoft Office Word.

    - Use the built-in features of the word processor you are using to create and then print the flashcards.

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