How to Make Foil Highlights

Highlights, if done properly, can add a lot of definition to your hair. Using a foil while dying your hair allows you to highlight selective sections. By using foils you can make precise highlights without having to worry about the hair colour reaching other sections of the hair. This process is a fast way of dying your hair, making it a pleasant experience for you, so if you want to make foil highlights just keep on reading.


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    The first step is to thoroughly wash your hair - clean hair is much easier to work with. It is better that you use a shampoo but you should be mindful not to leave any hair product when you create foil highlights as these products contain chemicals which may change the final colour of your hair dye.

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    Before you create foil highlights your hair should be dry and tangle free. It is better that you blow dry your hair; however, if time is not a constraint, you can leave them to dry naturally as well.

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    You now have to section the hair by parting them with a comb. It is always a good idea to part the hair where they naturally fall. Gathering the top layers of your hair around the crown of the head, you need to need to use a hair clip to keep them in place. The same needs to be done with the middle and the lower layers of the hair.

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    Now you have to finalise the look you want to achieve. Highlighting your hair will give you an edgy look, enhancing the overall beauty of your hair. For a bold look it is advised that you highlight thicker sections of the hair. For your highlights to appear more natural it is better that the sections are thin.

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    Now comes the part where you foil your hair. You need to start from the top layer and work on one section along the way. Now place the foil under a piece of hair, making sure that the edge of the foil touches the scalp/roots of the hair.

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    Grab a hair dye brush and apply the hair colour first over the foil and onto your hair. Now containing the entire strip of the hair in the foil, you need to fold it in half.

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    The next step involves folding both sides of the foil inward, creating a tight lock. Continue this until you have foiled the hair you would like to be highlighted.

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    Now apply heat to the foil, you can do this by setting a hair dryer to low heat and then move it back and forth over the area of the hair that you have foiled. You need to continue this for about five minutes before letting your hair sit for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

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    You now have to remove the foil, do this by unfolding the foil and then immediately rinse the hair before styling.

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