Baker’s Secret Nonstick Bake Ware Set

What cook doesn’t love nonstick bake ware? Before non-stick you had to heavily grease everything you cooked to keep it from sticking. Even then you weren’t guaranteed great results. Some bake ware seems to be like all other brands – Teflon coated just like the rest. But upon using the bake ware a couple of times you begin to notice missing pieces of Teflon. Have you eaten them? Where did they go? With Baker’s Secret you don’t have to worry about losing the non-stick coating after a few uses.

I purchased the 5 piece Baker’s Secret Bake Ware Set which included the muffin pan, 2 cake pans, a jelly roll pan and a cookie sheet. All are Teflon-coated and general sizes. The pans themselves are 2-ply steel fortified and are protected against rust.

I love the Baker’s Secret Bake Ware because I don’t have to use a lot of grease or oil to coat the pan before baking. I simply spray a little non-stick cooking spray onto the pan then later remove the food without struggle.

I paid about twenty bucks for the bake ware set and loved it so much that I purchased two more sets as seasonal gifts. I have now had the bake ware for about two years and it’s held up well. There are no dents in any of the pans, the non-stick coating is still there, and the bake ware continues to perform to my satisfaction.

The bake ware came with a five year warranty to cover the non-stick surface and the bake ware itself. It’s dishwasher safe and broiler safe. Most pans warp when you place them under a broiler, but not Baker’s Secret.

Each pan has side handles that make it easy to transport food from the table to the oven and back again. One of my favorite things about the bake ware, though, is the fact that everything cooks evenly. With old cookware I would notice that some of the items, like cookies, got finished before others did, depending upon how close to the edge of the cookie sheet. Or, if I was baking a cake, the edges of the cake would be well-done while the center of the cake would still need further baking.

I’m very satisfied with the Baker’s Secret bake ware, and I know you will be too. The sets are found in house ware departments or online. You can purchase each piece separately, too, if you prefer. Use non-metallic utensils on any coated bake ware to prevent scratches to the non-stick coating.

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