How to Make Glitter Champagne Flutes

Glitter champagne flutes make for a sparkly and glamorous way to enjoy your bubbly on special occasions like New Year’s Eve, or at a wedding. Each champagne flute needs to be prepared individually, and the project needs to be completed well before the day on which you plan to use these, but the striking and stylish effect makes the extra effort worth it.

Things Required:

– Champagne flute(s)
– Martha Stewart Multi-surface Craft Paint in Glitter (any colour of your choice)
– Foam pouncers


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    To begin, clean all your champagne flutes thoroughly. Wash them with a gentle detergent, and do not scour them with a washcloth as this might cause scratches to develop on the surface. Dry the glasses, then clean them with alcohol and dry them again. The flutes need to be completely dry before you begin painting them.

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    Now, unscrew the lid off of your choice of MS Multi-Surface Craft Paint in Glitter, and pour some of the paint out into the lid. This paint will need a couple of days to dry, but once it is fully cured, the glasses will be dishwasher safe, so it will be worth both the time and the investment.

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    There are various styles you can paint on, but the most popular design is the one where the glitter appears to be sneaking upwards from the base of the glass towards to rim. To begin painting, you can either hold the glass in your hand from the stem, or place it upside down on a flat surface.

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    Dip the foam pouncer into the paint, and then start dabbing or “pouncing” the paint onto the glass, until it develops a good, dense coverage of glitter. The glitter paint will need to be thicker around the base, and fade as it moves up, so apply more paint near the base, and thin it out as you move up. Keep twisting the glass around as you paint, to make sure to cover all the areas.

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    After the first coat is applied, give it at least an hour to dry, and then apply the second coat. Usually, two coats will be enough, but you can add on a third after the second dries and you decide you want more glitter – just make sure you allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

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    Once the glitter champagne flutes are to your liking, you will need to place them in a safe, clean, and dry place, away from sunlight, to air dry for a minimum of 21 days – do not use or wash them during this period. After 21 days have elapsed, your glasses will be completely cured, ready for use, and even for the dishwasher. Pour in the champagne, and toast in style.

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