How to Make Gradient Glitter Nails

Gradient glitter nails are very popular in new generation. Gives a catchy and attractive effect of your hand. These can be applied in daily life as well as in parties and hang outs. Making gradient glitter nail, most of the girls consider it a difficult thing to do but indeed it’s very simple and easy. Why don’t you try to make gradient glitter nails by yourself at home? Just follow the instructions provided in this guide to assure that you can make the best out of it.

Required items:

– Nail Paint
– Nail polish remover
– Nail’s thickener
– Nail brush
– Nail paint
– Sponge
– Glitter color
– Cotton buds
– No chip top code
– Cuticle oil


  • 1

    Before starting make sure that you have washed your hand well. Your hand and nails must be clean, buff and after that shape your all nails finely.

  • 2

    Now apply a base coat on your nails smoothly and leave it till dry.

  • 3

    Now take any darker color of nail paint and pick up your sponge. Take a paper and drop some drops of paint on it. Now use your sponge to pick little color from it.

  • 4

    After picking up some nail paint, now dab the sponge on each nail (close to nail circle) moving it towards the nail tip. Replicate it for all of your nails and let dry.

  • 5

    It should look like the shown image. I know it looks ugly and mess, but it will be cleaned up later on.

  • 6

    Now it’s time to pick up your favorite glitter color. If you are using darker nail paint then it is recommended to use lighter color of glitter in order to get perfect effect.

  • 7

    Apply a thin glitter coat on all nails and let them dry. Nail gets thick by applying more and more coats that’s why use only one but fine coat.

  • 8

    Take nail paint remover or any acetone along with cotton bud(q-tips) or nail brush. Dip your cotton bud in the acetone/nail polish remover and remove glut nail paint from your fingers. Now your nails will look finer than before, but wait a minute we are not done yet.

  • 9

    Now take a look on cleaned fingers with nail paint.

  • 10

    Next grab the top coat and apply it on all your nails and give it some sec to dry.

  • 11

    At last take the cuticle oil and gently apply on all cuticles of your nails.

  • 12

    Finally all done! Take a look and get excited, you did it.

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