How to Make a Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer provides a very effective way of cleaning hands thoroughly. Although there’s wide range of commercial alternatives available, many find that they tend to dry out their hands. Many people who are more hygiene conscious prefer to know the exact ingredients that go into the products that they use and trust for their families. In all such cases, home made hand sanitizer is a great way not only to be sure about family hygiene but also to save lot of costs. Ingredients used in the below recipe are easily available in market and are not too costly too, on the other hand if you buy a ready made sanitizer with same ingredients, it will cost a good amount.

The following guide will explain everything that you need to know about home made hand sanitizer as well as the process involved in creating your own hand sanitizer at home instantly.

What You Need

– ¼ cup aloe vera gel (the purer the better)
– ¾ cup rubbing alcohol (at least 91% alcohol)
– 1/8 cup glycerin
– your favorite essential oil (8-10 drops)
– food processor
– an empty and cleaned soap or sanitizer bottle
– funnel


  • 1

    Get the Ingredients Ready:

    All if not most of the ingredients above can be found easily at your local grocery store, drug store or pharmacy. Get them ready at first!

  • 2

    The Mix

    Now mix all of the ingredients and place in the food processor. Use the machine to mix the ingredients well.

  • 3

    Pour Carefully

    Place a funnel into the empty bottle and begin to pour the solution into the bottle. Be careful to get all of the solution into the bottle without spilling or wasting.

  • 4

    Use It

    The sanitizer is now ready to use as soon as the bottle is secured. It can easily be used for months with the glycerin acting as a moisturizer and the alcohol as the cleaning agent.

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