How to Make Homemade Nail Polish Remover

Homemade makeup items are becoming very popular among the fashion crazy and sober people. The reason is that the cosmetics and beauty items available in market contain too much chemicals and skin hurting materials which ultimately cost with irreparable loss of health and wealth. Nail polish is an essential part of each and every light and party makeup. However, sometimes women find it hard to remove the nail polish as they did not take any care while applying it. If the nail polish is applied in a decent and proper way, it could be very easy to remove. One must keep in mind that moderation in everything is always fruitful business so make it sure while applying the nail polish.


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    Method 1

    Hot water could be very helpful to remove the nail polish and thus it is the easiest way to prepare homemade nail remover. All you have to do is that heat the water on stove or in microwave. Well after heating the water you must test the temperature of water before dipping the fingers in water otherwise it could hurt the top tips of fingers.

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    Method 2

    There is another easy way to make a homemade nail polish remover and that is of rubbing the alcohol to the nails. This method so easy to apply and takes the minimum time with best results.

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    Method 3

    The use vinegar is also well tested method and readymade homemade nail polish remover. Apply the liquid on the nails for few minutes and leave them alone. It will soften the polish in no time and will become easy to remove the stuck polish.

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    Method 4

    Citric fruits are also conducive for this purpose. Take some citric from market and crush out their juice and put it on the nails.

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