How to Make Homework Fun for Kids

Almost every kid in the world hates doing homework after spending seven, eight hours in school. The parents are always yelling at them, running after them to bring them on the study table but every trick fails when the kids are not willing to do their home work.

However, you can solve this problem by making this an interesting exercise. By doing couple of things, you can make home work fun for your kids. All you need to do is to find out what makes it an uphill task for your children.


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    Share some burden:

    Most of the times, kids hate to do homework just because no one is there to help them. They have to do everything by themselves. You should sit with them and make them realise that you care about their studies. The more you assist your kids, the more they will be enjoying.

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    Engage them in practical things:

    Text books and theories can be heavy for your children and they might lose interest in the studies. The one way is to handle this situation is that engage them in practical things. Encourage them to apply all this knowledge in real life.

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    Don’t talk down the importance of reading:

    Reading is very important for your kids as it always sharpens their imagination and helps them to understand things. You should make it a group effort. Try to read for your kids and engage them in question and answer sessions.

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    You should know what motivates your kids to do homework. It can be anything like cheese burger, french fries or even a cartoon film. Try not to pressurise them rather bring them on study table through some incentives.

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    Appreciate your kids:

    Appreciation can be really helpful to make your kids ready to do homework. Give rewards even for a small achievement. This will really force your children to do their homework with full devotion.

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    Be a facilitator:

    You should be an inspiration for them rather than of yelling, pleading, threatening or making face. Provide them a peaceful corner to do homework. Encourage them to seek help in case of any difficulty.

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    Use surroundings:

    You may use your surroundings to make homework fun for kids. Place their study table near the window and allow them to have a look outside while studying. However, you should be there to avoid any distraction.

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    Let them face the consequences:

    If they do not do homework, let them face the consequences as nothing can teach them except personal experience.

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