How To Make Loose Leaf Tea Blends

Most avid tea drinkers always prefer loose leaf tea blends over the teabag varieties. However, learning to make loose leaf tea blends that work together and taste good can be quite challenging. Various teas sometimes do not work well together as they are specifically designed to drink alone. Lately there has been a resurgence of tea drinking around the world and people are looking for different loose leaf tea blends. If you are looking to make your own loose leaf tea blends then you can follow some simple methods to get on the right track.


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    Do research:

    Do as much research as possible on the different variety of loose leaf tea blends that are currently available. Search out the popular flavours to get a good understanding of which blends work together. Remember to do as much research as possible to find out the different flavours that are currently being used.

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    List of flavours:

    Make a list of your favourite flavours like peppermint, cinnamon, mint or others. Then you will be able to identify which loose leaf tea can give you that particular taste. Try to list down all the different combinations of those favourite flavours that you feel will work well together.

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    Ask friends or family:

    If you have friends or family members that enjoy drinking tea then they are the best people to ask for help when making loose leaf tea blends. Always take a pen and paper to make a note of the different loose leaf tea blends they prefer.

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    Buy different loose leaf teas:

    Get on the internet or visit your local tea shop and purchase all the different loose leaf tea that you listed earlier. Here you will be going for the flavours that you prefer and you can correspond that with a particular loose leaf tea that gives that particular taste. Remember to ask the salesperson for help when deciding which flavours they recommend. You will find a massive variety of different loose leaf teas, so it is a good idea to purchase a small amount of the different types that you like.

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    Trial and error:

    Brew some loose leaf tea at home using the different types that you purchased earlier. Mix and match to try and get the best balance which suits your tastes. Try a little bit of the tea that you make to check for consistency in flavour and balance. Once you have perfected a particular loose leaf tea blend then you can either put that mix in tea bag or brew it openly in a teapot. Remember to make a note of the exact amount of loose leaf tea and the particular type that you are using get the right taste.

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