How to Make Money from Crafts

If you are good at making beautiful crafts at home, marketing your items can potentially bring in some decent cash for your hobby. Regardless of the type of items that you enjoy making as crafts, there are always people willing to purchase them. Using some creativity and a few simple guidelines, you can easily make money from your crafts.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Internet Connection
– Printer


  • 1

    Classify crafts:

    Take some time and go over all the different craft items that you are currently making. Also, be sure to list down all the craft items that you are capable of making and how long it takes to make each item. This will definitely help you stay organized and set the right prices for your craft items. You should be able to answer questions about the type of materials used in your craft items and the quantity that you are capable of making. Make a list of all your craft items and use simple codes for reference.

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    Make marketing materials:

    Take time and put together a color brochure or catalog with all the items that you make as crafts. Try to put high quality digital images of each item as well. Include all the dimensions and descriptions of various craft items along with the prices. You can easily put these marketing materials together on your computer and print them out when needed. Remember to make your brochure simple to read and easy to photocopy in case you need a lot to hand out. Also, make some decent business cards that includes all of your contact details.

  • 3

    Craft Fairs:

    Find out where the next big craft fair is going to take place and book a stall there. Even if the craft fair is in a different city or state, try to attend so that you can pass out your brochures or cards. If you get a stall then make your crafts stand out with beautiful placards and a nice display. Meet as many people as you can to spread the word out about your talents.

  • 4

    Store Placement:

    Market your crafts to various stores in your area. Ask the owner if they would be interested in keeping your crafts for a percentage. Keep your options open as you approach different stores to get your crafts placed inside.

  • 5

    Make Website:

    Make a website and include all of your crafts items with details and photos of each. Include a shopping cart function so that your users can purchase items directly from your website.

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    Other Websites:

    There are many other websites where you can market your craft items. Most of these sites are reputable and only take a small percentage of the sales.

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