How to Write a Proposal for a Corporation

Proposals have absolutely no structure or formula. People tend to structure them the way they want. It depends upon your interest and how you want to present the information to other people. The basic idea behind writing a proposal is to bring two organizations to common grounds. Mostly these organizations are NPOs (Non-profit organizations) or NGOs (Non-government organizations), who want to receive a grant from a foundation or corporation in order to run their business. This is extremely necessary because non-profit organizations always have the best and most effective ways and vision to help the community. However, they mostly don’t have the resources or the capital to carry out such activities. While the main aim for a proposal is to request funds, good proposals always share similar elements.


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    Start off by developing a statement of need. Always use accurate and latest statistics. This section provides the reader with the insight of your plan. You have to showcase how your project can give out a positive outcome to the community. It mostly depends upon your convincing power and how you can let the reader know that your project is better than all the others.

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    Create a project description. This should include all the objectives, evaluation, staffing and most definitely the sustainability of the project. This gives the reader an idea about what exactly you are planning to accomplish. This project should justify why you want a certain amount of budget.

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    Write down the budget plan. Most organizations, who you are presenting the proposal to, require a detailed budget plan because they wouldn’t want to invest in something unless they know every minor detail. However, there are also a few organizations who simply want to see an overview.

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    Include your organization’s resume and what they have accomplished in the past. Try to connect the dots by providing the reader with an insight on how your organization is directly linked with whatever is being offered by you.

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    The conclusion should not only be strong, but also extremely persuasive. This is considered to be your final appeal for the proposal. Try to explain what exactly your organization is planning to provide the community with. You can also write down the desired outcome of your plan.

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    Once you have written everything, write down an executive summary. Even though it is written at the end, it is always placed in the start. Mention every major point and let the reader know about all the important things which you have written in the full proposal.

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