How to Make Money Watching TV

A few people would have thought that they could get money by watching TV, but it is a reality. You can write reviews for TV shows for certain websites. They pay you for every review you write for them, given it has the quality they require. You can also create your own website for this purpose and earn money from the ads published on the web page.


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    Determine the time you want to spend

    First of all, you must determine how much time you can give to this job. Work out the timings of your other activities and determine how many hours you can assign to this activity. Make sure you work is not affected and that you have ample time for your family also.

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    Begin with a trial period

    Begin with a trial period to ensure you can do this activity. Some things excite you in the start but you may find things really difficult afterwards. Try yourself for a certain period and see whether you have the aptitude for this kind of work.

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    Submit reviews for TV shows

    One of the most popular ways to make money by watching TV is to submit reviews for entertainment websites. There are a host of websites that provide reviews of popular TV shows and music competitions and you can be the one to write the review for them. They generally pay a certain amount on the number of page reviews.

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    Make your own website

    You can create your own website and write reviews or articles on it after watching different programs. You can get a good amount by using Google AdSense by promoting your website. The more hits your website gets, the more money you get.

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    Write for free blogs

    There are many free blogs on the internet. You can get yourself registered to any of the blogs and get a considerable amount on a monthly basis from them.

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