How to Make Parents Understand

Children  normally tend to believe that talking to parents about some particular issue is an extremely difficult task and making them understand is even a bigger challenge. In reality, the situation is entirely different, as the parents do wish to understand what their children want to say.

Most of the times, the elder ones try to explain their point of view to the children, but the latter refuse to listen to that. Therefore, the situation gets worse. In order to avoid such trouble, the children should be the ones who show some flexibility. There are a few ways in which you can easily make your parents understand your point, but you need to keep some important things in mind.


  • 1

    Look for an appropriate time

    Whenever you need to discuss something with your parents, make sure that your timing is correct. If they have come home from work and you start bothering them straightaway, they might get angry and fail to understand you. It is ideal to talk to them, when they are relaxed and in a cheerful mood. Moreover, switch off your mobile phone, so that the elder ones don’t get annoyed by anything.

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    Write down what you have to say

    If you have got a few things in your mind, it is ideal to write them down first and then discuss with your parents. This way, you will not get confused and will be able to make your point more clear.

  • 3

    Be polite

    No matter what you have to say to your parents, the tone should be extremely polite. Otherwise you will not be able to convince them and they might end up scolding you. Show patience even if you don’t get a positive response straightaway.

  • 4

    Do not let emotions control you

    In order to stay positive and logical, you have to make sure that there are no emotions involved during the conversation. Even if you are hurt because of something and feel like crying, don’t reveal that to your parents.

  • 5

    Request your parents to listen to you first

    Before starting the conversation, politely request your parents to listen to what you have to say first. This way, you will be able to make your point clear first without getting interrupted at all.

  • 6

    Listen to your parents carefully

    Once you have said everything you wanted, allow your parents to speak. Try understanding their point too, as they might be right. Stay calm even if you feel that your parents have failed to understand what you had said.

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