Brighter Vision Learning Adventures

Brighter Vision Learning Adventures is the best program I have found for children under six. The program consist of a shipment every month. Each shipment includes a workbook, reading book, stickers and project. Each shipment is age appropriate. The workbook covers reading, logic, mathematics, social science and science; all within the child’s level. The workbooks emphasis different subjects such as transportation, neighborhoods, insects, the ocean and etc. The reading books are normally hardback.

My son used Brighter Vision since he was 1. He went to Kindergarten last year. He exceeded all standards for his age. The class made a volcano in class the first month. He was so excited because he already knew how to do it since we did one for his project.

My children look forward to the boxes coming every month. They tear the boxes open and take everything out. They get so excited. I have to limit the number of pages they do everyday because they would finish them in one day if I let them. They just love the shipments.

The best part about Brighter Vision Learning Adventures is the price. The cost is only $15.99 and $1.99 for shipping. Of course, prices subject to change, but since the time I have been with them it has only gone up $1. The first shipment is free.

Take advantage of the free shipment and see why I (and my kids) love Brighter Vision Learning Adventures.

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