How to Make Simple Nutrient Rich Juice

It is strongly recommended that you eat fruits and vegetables every day. The Food and Development Association recommends that you take at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. However, most people find it difficult to eat the recommended amount. The best way is to drink one or two glasses of fruits and vegetables. You can easily make nutrient rich juice in your house. Tomatoes are easy to make and are rich in nutrients such as lycopene. Lycopene is used as antioxidant, prevents cancer and even lower your blood pressure. Thus make nutrient rich juice in your home and enjoy the healthy benefits.

Prep time: 50 min
Cook time: Nil
Total time: 50 min
Yield: 2 servings
Utensils: Dutch oven or other large lidded pot, Blender food processor or food mill, Jar or pitcher

Tomatoes: 4 pounds
Water: ½ cup
Chopped onion: 1/3 cup
Coarsely chopped celery (about 2 ribs): 4 cups
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Paprika: ¼ teaspoon
Sugar: ¼ teaspoon


  • 1

    Place tomatoes in the pot

    First you need to core the tomatoes. Get rid of the cores and then cut the fruit into four pieces. Place these tomatoes into the Dutch oven or any other large pot.

  • 2

    Add water, onion, celery and parsley

    Now add water, onion, celery and parsley into the large pot. Boil the mixture under medium-high heat settings. After this, reduce the heat to medium-low and gently heat the pot for almost half an hour. Remember to cover the pot when simmering the mixture.

  • 3

    Blend the mixture

    After simmering the mixture, pour it into a blender or food processor. You need to mash the mixture with help of a hand blender or in a food mill. Later pour the mixture back into the Dutch oven or the large pot.

  • 4

    Add salt, paprika, parsley and sugar

    Next you need to add salt, paprika, parsley and sugar into the tomato juice you made. Blend it after adding these ingredients. Remember to stir by hand in order to blend.

  • 5

    Serve chill

    Now you need to cool the tomato juice you made. Pour the juice into a jar and then place it in a refrigerator. You need to serve the juice chilled. Instead of a jar, you can pour the juice into a pitcher.

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