Christmas Drink Ideas for Kids

Christmas, being one of the most important occasions of the year, brings along huge sum of celebrations festivity and happiness. Besides giving out and receiving gifts, this traditional occasion is celebrated by arranging dinners and lunch, which is another excuse of having a get together with friends and family and collectively sharing and distributing happiness and love.
Exclusive and traditional recipes are preferred on Christmas, because people expect to see their families and loved ones to join them, which include children as well.

Drinks are an important part of the menu which can never be ignored on any sort of occasion. For Christmas along with grownups, kids will definitely enjoy their distinctive and delicious meal if it is assisted with an extraordinary Christmas drink.
I will be giving you few ideas about classic traditional cocktail drinks for this prestigious occasion.


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    Before selecting a recipe do keep this thing in mind that if you choose healthy and yummy ingredients your kids will love it. While preparing a Christmas drink for kids do not use alcohol as your main ingredient, it would be best if you discard any boozy or strong element from your recipe.

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    Christmas celebration is welcomed in winter season, so try making hot drinks they will definitely enjoy it and demand for more.
    Hot chocolate milk is among the favourite beverages of children, it is considered as an ideal and a healthy drink. With simple ingredients and less time for preparation, you can serve this warm drink to the kids as a welcome drink or after a nice dinner.
    An easy and perfect recipe for creamy hot chocolate milk for 2 servings is as follow:

    Ingredients (2 servings)
    - (1/4 cup) cream
    - (2 cups) milk
    - (2/4 cup) white sugar (depending upon your taste, if your chocolate is unsweetened you can increase the ratio)
    - (2/4 teaspoon) vanilla extract (this will not only give a sweet aroma but play its role in the taste of the drink as well)
    - (1 pinch) salt (it’s optional, but it will give a unique taste to your drink)
    - (1/4 cup) unsweetened cocoa powder / any of your favourite chocolate powder

    - Put the dry ingredients in the saucepan and add water.
    - Mix it until all the elements melt and a chocolate sauce is formed.
    - After simmering it for approximately 1 or 2 minutes, add milk and continuously stir the mixture with the help of a hand beater, do not boil it.
    - When it is hot enough remove it from the stove and add vanilla extract.
    - Pour the milk in each glass and when it is cool enough to drink garnish it by making a cream flower on it.

    Another warm absolute recipe to enjoy your cool winter occasion is an Apple Cider Hot, the method is as follow:

    Ingredients (2 servings)
    - 1 ¼ quart cider
    - 1/2 tablespoon whole cloves crushed (in powder form)
    - 1/8 teaspoon salt
    - 1/2 cup brown sugar

    - Combine all the ingredients and heat them in a saucepan for 20 minutes.
    - Serve them in a heat resistive serving glass and garnish it with a mint leaves.

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    Besides hot beverages you can serve children few summer recipes which include smoothies but don’t add ice into it or any cold ingredient.
    Banana Smoothie with Chocó wonders is one of my favourite recipes you can enjoy it in summers as well as winters.
    Ingredients (2 servings)

    - 3 full teaspoons of peanut butter
    - 2 bananas
    - 1 cup milk at room temperature
    - 3 teaspoons of chocolate syrup
    - 1 cup skimmed yogurt

    - Add the ingredients in an electric blender besides milk and banana.
    - After blending it for 15 seconds add bananas into it and again turn on the blender until the bananas are properly mixed in it.
    - Add milk according to the consistency of the smoothie. If you desire to have thick smoothie, add less amount and if you want to make a thinner smoothie increase the ratio of milk.
    - Pour the prepared drink in cute serving glasses and garnish them with chocolate syrup.

    Recipe of Orange Cream Smoothie:

    Ingredients (3 servings)
    - (1 1/2 cups) fresh orange juice
    - (4 tablespoons) orange juice concentrate
    - (1/2 cup vanilla) flavoured yogurt
    - (1/2 cup) orange flavoured yogurt
    - (½ cup) banana chunks
    - (1 1/2 cup) milk
    - (1/2 teaspoon) vanilla extract

    - Add all the mentioned ingredients in an electric blender and blend them at a low speed for 1 minute, your delicious smoothie is ready.

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    Slush is not a good idea as a Christmas drink for children because they will not enjoy this summery beverage in cool winters, prefers making warm drinks on Christmas.

    You can serve any of these drinks after dinner or lunch or as a welcome dish it depends on you how you like it.

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