How to Make the Best of Your Theatre Audition

Imagine yourself in an audition room where a group of professionals is all set to evaluate you. You were in high spirits before entering the room but suddenly something overwhelmed you. You were unable to give your best shot and now auditors are passing their judgments that are not encouraging.

You must be disappointed and discouraged but you can make this audition process easy for yourself. You can avoid any unwanted situation by doing a couple of simple but effective things.


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    First of all you should be in right frame of mind. Choose a character that goes with your image but it does not mean that you should restrict yourself to obvious characters. If the audition notice is about a character that belongs to some historical era then you should be fully prepared. It is better to be that character even before the audition.

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    Read the notice carefully and note the important information like day, time and date of the audition. Be professional and arrive at least fifteen minutes before the audition. Be courteous and introduce yourself to other participants but avoid talking too much.

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    Consider the audition as a job interview and bring your acting resume. Be specific and to the point in front of the judges. Don’t try to give impression that you know everything rather admit gracefully if you don’t know something.

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    Your dress is very important in the audition as they will judge you even before you will start showing your talent on the stage. Dress elegantly and avoid flashy outfits. Remember they are going to select you for your skills not for your style.

  • 5

    Try to read the play before going for an audition. It will help you to understand the psyche of that character and leave a good impression. You will be able to impress the jury by discussing different aspects of the story. If you don’t have the script then you can prepare a sample script to act.

  • 6

    Choose your monologue carefully. Rehearse again and again to read between the lines. Work on your dialogue delivery, voice tone, and facial expressions. Surprise the jury by showing them an entirely different side of yours.

  • 7

    Prepare more than one monologue as you must show your flexibility and versatility. Try to act same scene in different manners and then stick with the best. Don’t try to imitate any other actor as they are looking for some genuine fresh face.

  • 8

    Be your biggest fan and critic at the same time. Appreciate yourself as it will boost your confidence and evaluate yourself neutrally.

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