How to Make Theatre Masks

Mask has become a common symbol of theatre. It can be made of wood, metal, plaster, fabric, leather, paper mache and other materials. Such a mask is useful to you for masquerade, in some theatres and just for interior decoration. The easiest and most affordable way to manufacture such a mask is a paper-mache.

Things Required:

– Clay and 5-liter bottle
– Water and PVA glue
– Toilet paper or newspaper
– Fine sandpaper
– Paint
– Brushes or a small piece of cotton cloth


  • 1

    Clung 5-litre bottle of clay in the form of the face because it usually takes less time to mould it into a face and it saves time and effort both as compared to other available methods. Mould the features onto the face that you want to see in the mask (it is best to model features and emotions on it from small pieces, as large pieces of complicated shape.)

  • 2

    Glare on the face, apply two layers of toilet paper soaked in water. Pieces should be small and tightly stick all over the mask.

  • 3

    Now start to glue the next layer of paper with the help of a newspaper. To do this, moisten the pieces, then spread it with white glue and apply on the face. Gently remove the formed bubbles with the help of the brush. Repeat the process at least 20 times to drive bubbles out and shaping up irregularities in each layer.

  • 4

    Put the mask in a dark and dry place after laying the desired number of layers. Leave to dry for about a week, but you can speed up this process by placing it on the battery.

  • 5

    After drying, separate it from the actual mask fashioned from clay face and do it gently and gradually. The remains of clay, sat down in the deep places of its underside remove carefully - there is less of the thickness of the paper and therefore easier pierced.

  • 6

    Now bring the mask in order. To do this, cut the sharp edges and make a hole in the right places (eyes, nostrils). Then take fine sandpaper and make proper adjustments to the irregularities if any. Take a wet cotton swab or a small damp to process the paper dust, wood shaving which appeared on the mask during the process.

  • 7

    Take a brush and paint. Make several thick layers on the surface of the masks. After drying, paint the white layer mask as you see fit.

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