How to Visit Broadway Dinner Theatre

Phoenix is not only known for its beautiful desert views and stunning golf courses throughout the city, but also for the amazing Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. The theatre is located in the suburbs of Mesa, and is one of the biggest theatres in the city. The Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre produces a number of professional plays and musicals, along with buffet meals. The theatres not only features the modern plays – “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and “Disney’s High School Musical” for instance – but also the classic ones, such as “Singin’ in the Rain”. Therefore, if you live in Phoenix or even on a trip to the beautiful city, you should once visit the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre.


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    Purchase the tickets by calling the theatre office. If you plan to visit the theatre on any day from Sunday to Friday, then you will have to pay $51 for dinner shows, for each person. For Saturday evening shows, the price will be $54 and $45 for matinees. Children who are less than 13 years of age will get the ticket for $22 each. You can get some discount, if you visit the theatre in a group of at least 20 people. You can also buy the tickets online. However, you will have to pay $3 extra as service charge. Moreover, you must pay the amount through credit card or by phone, in order to get your reservations confirmed in advance.

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    The meals are offered before the start of the show. Therefore, you should reach well before the time of the start of the show in order to buy yourself enough time to eat. The matinee show starts at 1:15 pm. Therefore, you should reach the theatre at 11:45 am. If you have booked your tickets for evening shows, then you should try to reach there at 6:00 pm, when the buffet dinner starts. The show starts at 8:00 pm. On Sundays, the show starts at 7:00 pm, and the buffet dinner starts at 5:30 pm.

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    You should always try to wear semi-formal clothes. However, the shorts and tank tops are not allowed in the theatre. Therefore, you should wear something that keeps your relaxed, while maintaining the decorum of the atmosphere.

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    You can save a lot of money, if you buy show-only tickets. Such tickets are available for just $25. Therefore, you can enjoy dinner at your home or anywhere else, near the theatre, and save some money at the same time. There are a total of 75 seats reserved in each show for the show-only visitors.

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