How to Take Kids to Live Theatre

Live Theatre can be a brilliant experience for your child and is considered as a great activity for the younger ones. Children are generally excited during such events and you cannot blame them if they do something inappropriate. There are certain steps that need to be taken to prepare for a live theatre experience when going out with children.

The first thing would be to choose the best event. The show should excite your children so that they remain engaged throughout the experience. The younger ones should be given proper instructions before the show begins so that they behave in a proper manner.


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    Choose the right event

    It is very important to choose the right show as your children and family will be with you. Try to select a show that interests children otherwise they will not enjoy the experience. There are many shows that portray characters that excite children and provide wholesome entertainment throughout. You can always enquire from the ticket window regarding the shows that are most appropriate for the younger ones.

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    Give clear instructions to children regarding their behaviour

    You should properly instruct the children on how to behave during the show. Shouting and constantly talking during the performance may disturb the people sitting around you. Politely tell them not to talk loudly during the show and on what occasions do they need to clap or applaud.

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    Dress up for the occasion

    Try to dress up the children well for the occasion. They will be able to enjoy the event even more and this will certainly enlighten their experience of watching the show. It is always good to let the children dress on their own according to the event as this will give them good confidence.

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    Make sure they are well seated

    They should be properly seated before the show starts and make sure they have no difficulty in watching the show. It there are any obstacles in the way, it is always good swap seats so that they have a clearer picture of the experience.

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    Guide them during the show

    Try to help the children if they have any difficulty in understanding something. You can guide the younger ones at a point when you feel that they are confused and may not be able to interpret something that has been said on stage. This will keep them well engaged in the show.

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