How to Start a Theatre Company

Theatre – a synthesis form of different class arts. The idea of entertaining people and pass a good time is as old as the Greek gods. It survived successively during the centuries, is thriving now, and seems to be there until the end of time.

Unfortunately, in contrast to the free formation of Greek mysteries, these days, to create a viable and promising theatre, it is necessary to consider the concept and register the theatre.

Theatre (the word came from the Greek théatron – a place for the spectators). At the heart of theatrical production is a literary script that describes the number and the characters and their replicas.

Though the concept has become increasingly popular in Asia in recent years, it was embraced by European and the American continent countries several decades. Therefore, this theatre business can bring good profit if you follow simple rules and regulations.


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    First you need to think of the name of the company and then register it by taking a proper license for the act. For this, you may have to visit the concerned government office, which will explain you the preliminary steps to open a new theatre. You might have to fill a lot of application forms of the Ministry of Justice and indicate account number for payment of state duty.  You must specify the full and abbreviated name of the organization, as well as desirable to specify a number of possible variants of the name of the theatre after filling the questionnaire issued.

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    Select the registered address to find the correct place and rent it. To do this, the landlord must provide a certificate from the Ministry of Justice, and ask him to make a commitment letter to the Executive Committee, in which he/she indicates that undertakes for you to lease the premises.

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    Write your charter of the company. Due to the constant changes in the law, information on how the design of the statute is constantly changing, so they cannot do without the advice of a lawyer. Once the charter is written - make multiple copies of it.

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    Go to the Executive Committee and submit form to the concerned department, the commitment letter landlord, tired and a receipt for payment of state fees. Then wait for a month, after which your theatre will be registered.

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