How to Make a Theatre or Film Acting Resume

There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to get into the world of acting but they don’t know where to start. There comes the need of a resume which can grab the attention of casting agencies, production houses and casting directors.

However, it does not mean that you turn heads to your direction by just dropping your resume rather you will have to prepare your acting resume in a way that the relevant person can review it easily and decide quickly.

Though, it can be a tricky job to make a perfect and effective acting resume but you can do it by just keeping couple of important points in your mind.


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    Be creative to lock their attention. Presentation is very important as they will evaluate you even before reading the given information. It is really helpful to make a video in which you will introduce yourself and then play different characters to show your versatility. Use different camera angles to boost your persona. Burn this data on a disk and dispatch.

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    If you want to send your resume in a traditional way then get a professional head-shot. Obtain copies of your photos and place on top of the resume. Do not staple or paste with glue rather you should use a clip to attach your photos. Remember the ideal size of photo is 8 inch by 10 inch.

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    Mention your name in bold letters on top of the page followed your complete contact information. If you are member of an agency then do mention otherwise you may face problems in working independently.
    You may choose a professional name if you want but then stick with it as you will be known with this name in the industry.

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    Now it is time to state your vitals such as height, weight, colour of eyes and hair, voice timbre etc. Be honest and do not exaggerate as it sends a wrong impression out there.

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    Give brief history of your career. Give names of all the projects followed by complete detail of the role you played. Begin with the major projects and end with less significant. If you have other talents like direction, production or writing then do let them know.

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    Do mention if you have attended any performing arts institute as it will give the impression that you have been planning to become an actor and you are not an accidental contender.

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