How to Act in Community Theatre

Acting is a nice hobby, especially children who want to pursue it as their career. It is also great for people who want to show their creativity and talent. You can always enrol yourself in a community theatre and improve your skills. By this you can even make new friends and get exposure of world. To act in a community theatre means you are evolving into a different character. You will show the audience and make them believe that you are the new character. However, you need to be fully involved into that character both physically and emotionally in order to convince others.


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    Seek a nearby community or local theatre

    You need to look for any local or community theatre. In case you do not know any in your neighbourhood, you can always take help from Google Maps. Type theatre in it and zoom in at your location. Now you will be able to see many theatres in your area. If you still cannot see any theatre, you can type your town and theatre e.g. jolt down Smallville theatre in the search area. You can even watch out for any colleges in your area and see their theatre programmes.

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    After finding a nearby theatre, you need to participate in it. Note down the theatres’ web address and apply in it. Also save their phone number and get information by directly calling them. In case you are opting to act in a college, you need to take special permissions from principal or other officials. Ask them whether they permit non-student actors and check their requirements.

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    Make resume, head shot and cover letter (if required)

    You need to make resume, head shot and a cover letter of yourself. Many theatres won’t require this but in case they ask, you need to come prepared. You should jolt down any of your past skills, your school’s ply participation and any other work you have done.

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    Audition for the role

    Next you need to audition for the roles available. In case there are no roles available, you need to be patient and wait for the call. Something might come up or someone has to go in the last minute, you will get his part. However, in this scenario you should have good acting skills. You need to speak clearly, understand the stage and be confident when auditioning.

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