How to Learn Kabuki Theater

Kabuki is a conventional form of Japanese theatre, which is still considered a very well known and popular event. Theater lovers enjoy it and attend it in masses. It is a combination of music, dance, mime and song which is very delightful to the ear. On the other hand, it is also very stylized kind of theatre. The performers wear bright costumes, heavy makeup and include a lot of movements. In order to learn kabuki theatre, you need to find decent Kabuki resources and teachers. There are a number of ways to learn kabuki theatre with good effect.


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    The tradition of Kabuki theatre

    Firstly, you should visit a nearby library and read the history of this type of theatre. Be aware of the fact that history is a vital part of Kabuki. As a result of this, you require an insight before you start learning the art. This you can also seek over the internet by visiting sites such as BookRags. There are also magazines and blogs about Kabuki theatre where you can get a lot of information about this Japanese tradition. It is highly popular in Japan even during these modern times of the world.

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    Go to a Kabuki theatre performance

    You can gain knowledge about this art by visiting a Kabuki theatre event to see if this kind of work attracts you to follow suit. Know that art performers of Kabuki theatre perform it all over the globe. Therefore, try to find a performance in your area or city. If you can, get in touch with the actors after the performance about the practice they follow and find out if they provide classes in your town.

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    Pay a visit to Japan

    Go online and look for training programs in Japan. You will find infinite amount of resources there, as it is a Japanese style of theatre and nobody can teach you the art better than them. Also by studying it there, you get the benefit of firsthand knowledge about Kabuki. You can enrol in Waseda University in Tokyo as they provide a program in Traditional Japanese Theatre studies with special training in Kabuki from their Institute for Theatre Research. Moreover, search for training institutes in the United States as well. It is hard to find a center like that as there are only a few to name. However, if you find one in the States then you don’t have to learn Japanese.

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