How to Get Backstage at a Theatre Performance

While backstage passes at concerts are not unheard of, the culture of inviting fans backstage to take a peek is not a common part of theatre culture. However, if you happen to be a fan of Broadway-style productions, symphonies, or operas, this does not mean you cannot satiate your curiosity about what goes on backstage, or earn a chance to interact with your favourite performers face to face. Put in some extra effort and with a little luck you can grab an opportunity to get backstage at a theatre performance.


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    First, make some straightforward attempts to get backstage. The easiest way would be to take a guided tour. Various theatres offer guided backstage tours, during which visitors are offered an insight into the mechanics that go on behind a theatre performance, such as lighting and sound work. If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of a performer going about her/his business. If you are unable to find any guided tours, keep your eyes peeled for special deals. Promotional events for new shows often crop up, and these might include a dinner with cast members.

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    Offer to write a preview, a featured article, or a review for a local newspaper or magazine, in regards to the show that is up at the theatre. Not only will you be able to earn some cash this way (the newspaper will pay you for your article), but it will give you a legit reason to go backstage, explore, and even talk to cast members of the production.

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    If nothing seems to be working, and you are still eager for an insider’s view, try joining the production crew. Volunteer with set up and props, or distribute flyers for the event – all this will make you part of the production team, and this way you can get invited to backstage parties and even wrap parties.

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    However, if the straight and narrow doesn’t seem to be working for you, you might try a more crooked path to achieve your means. Try getting past the doorman by pretending to be a pizza or flower delivery person, or go a step further and say you are a relative of one of the performers – it would help if you know as much as possible about the cast and production, as you will need to be extremely convincing here.

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    If you notice a large group of people heading backstage, simply join them. Try to stay inconspicuous and blend in as much as possible. This could be the lighting crew, or even corporate sponsors – either way, slip into the crowd, and try to get into the backstage area with them.

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    Finally, if you are absolutely desperate, resort to more drastic measures. Try flirting with the leading lady, get close and personal with the stage manager, or befriend a sound crew member or a lighting expert – anyone who will smuggle you backstage. You could also try bribing the usher.

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