How to Visit Lunch Time Theater in Phoenix

Lunch Time Theatre is one of the most amazing theatres in Phoenix. You can watch almost all kinds of plays and performances there. It is a perfect place to visit if you have deep affiliation with English literature as you get a chance to see the characters living the social settings which have been created by the renowned authors. You should plan your visit properly with all your close friends and family member to the theatre if you want to make it memorable. There are few things mentioned in the given steps which you must keep in mind while planning for your visit.


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    First of all, you must know that nowadays the Lunch Time Theatre host the work of all the up and coming troupes which include monologues, dramas, musicals and comedies. You can easily check the schedule of the theatre at their official website in order to plan for your favourite play or any other performance.

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    You should know that the theatre is opened at 11:40 am on the show dates. Therefore, you must arrive at the right time if you intend to sit on your favourite place. In addition, the show starts at 12:10 pm sharp. So, you should eat your lunch before the show begins so as to enjoy it to the fullest.

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    You can easily get the tickets from the ticket booth in the theatre. However, if you are planning to watch any new or hit play, you should reserve your tickets in advance to be on a safer side. The average rate of the ticket is $6. If you want to eat lunch during the show, you will have to call for it before the show begins. The meal normally includes a sandwich, fruit, cookie or chips. On the other hand, the shows offered on Monday night starts at 7 o’clock. Besides, this show is free for the actors who posses their resumes and headshots.

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    You may have to help the theatre organisers, actors, directors or producers in completing a survey with which they can improve their performance. At the end of the show, the actors will express their gratitude towards you for attending their show. So, you should clap wholeheartedly to encourage their efforts which they made to amuse and entertain you.

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